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quality-in-home-careIt may come a time when you must consider finding in-home care for a loved one, and this perspective should not be ignored, because the longer you postpone, the more difficult the situation will get, in most cases.

But how do you know when is the right time to seek help? Older people often do not want to admit that they encounter problems in taking care of themselves; some of them may not even realize that they have a problem. Warning signs do not always manifest explicitly, but you can still learn how to recognize them, as they fall into a few general categories.

  • Poor house maintenance

General housekeeping is not easy and, as people age, it becomes more and more difficult for them to keep up with it; therefore, you may notice uncharacteristic things including dirt and dust, lots of clutter, dirty laundry and unpleasant smells in the house. They are signs that assistance is required.

  • Inability to keep up with administrative tasks and appointments

We have a lot of administrative work to do, from keeping track of payments and mail, to making different appointments. If these tasks are neglected, it is time to address your concerns, as they are most likely real.

  • Loss of interest in favorite activities

If your loved one used to have hobbies or favorite activities and you notice that they are now neglected, it is time to worry that something is not quite right.

  • Illness

Any illness can be dangerous once your loved one reached a certain age, and it is definitely a reason to worry. If the diagnostic includes Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, or other degenerative illness, there is no doubt that you must consider all the assistance that you can get. Your loved one may start forgetting, experience difficulties in getting up, maintaining balance and even doing common things like eating or using the toilet.

  • Poor health and nutrition

Signs of poor health may appear due to inadequate nutrition or medication. If you notice that your loved one is not looking too well and experiences weight loss or gain, check the fridge for food spoiling (which indicates that meals are neglected) or unhealthy foods. Also make sure to check the medication and schedule a visit with the doctor to determine if it was taken properly.

  • Superficial personal hygiene

Neglecting personal hygiene and cleanliness manifests in less frequent baths and superficial grooming habits. They are another sign that you must consider in-home assistance for your loved one.


Facing the perspective of in-home care can be psychologically difficult for the persons who needs assistance, because admitting that the day has come when they cannot take care of themselves alters their comfort zone and typically comes with a lot of anxiety. However, they must be explained that with proper in-home care they can keep living actively and independently in their home. Specialists say that it is important to involve your loved one in the decision to choose in-home care services, because it will make them feel empowered. For some, the thought of not having to do everything on their own anymore may even be appealing.

For this article, we interviewed Mike Lising of Paradise In-Home Care in Walnut Creek, California. Mike told us that choosing in-home care is often a difficult decision for families. He advises families to plan ahead so that they don’t have to make a rush decision when home care becomes urgent. Mike and his team at Paradise In-Home Care are happy to counsel families who are looking at future home care decisions.


challenge in subjecting veteran to home care

One common trait of soldiers is toughness. By just joining the service requires mental and physical toughness and it is further enhanced during rigorous training to prepare each soldier for the fight of his life – in the battlefield.

Having all the scenario of war witnessed by a veteran soldier, reinforces his belief that he can face and survive anything that life may bring. Old age is included.

Most of health care providers have encountered this scene when they have veteran soldier patient.

Majority of the veterans feel that the can still be able to live a life during their twilight years. Some is just run by pride that they still can but their body really is surrendering already.

This is the challenge for any health care providers or any able loved ones by the elderly veteran to slowly help the latter accept the fact the he needs care and companion throughout his old age life.

Often, aging veterans have a great deal of pride in their service and ability to take care of themselves. It becomes difficult to recognize or even acknowledge the fact they may need assistance with some basic aspects of daily living.

Home care is a great option for aging veterans, especially for those who are struggling with their basic needs. Some of the struggles can include getting out of bed, bathing, preparing meals, or even getting to and from the doctor’s office, the store, or to visit with friends.

Relying on a home care aide can provide physical support, emotional support, and even transportation, depending on the caregiver and where they were hired. Credits: The Ups and Downs of Home Care for an Aging Veteran

There is some nice idea to convince your beloved veteran to go for a home care. If they really insist not to be subjected to it, why not offer him a bargain? Like fulfilling the all time dream of his life.

An 80 year old veteran’s dream to do skydiving was made come true by his family.

A northwest Iowa veteran is making a longtime dream come true.

Don Schmidt of Holstein turns 80 this month and with the major milestone came a major wish. For this birthday Don wanted to skydive.

Schmidt says it’s something he’s wanted to do since he was in the service. He had hoped to be a paratrooper but they told him he wasn’t tall enough.

His wife Darlene says her husband has always been very active, and while she didn’t join in on the dive five members of the couple’s family did. Credits: Elderly Iowa Veteran Fulfills Dream by Skydiving | whotv.com

Meantime, I just read a very touching article about a 94 year old WWII veteran who lives alone. The story happened last Christmas and the last statement by one of the officer touched me most.

When two LAPD officers were recently called to the house of a 94-year-old World War II veteran who lives by himself in a Venice apartment, they wanted to let the elderly man know that he’s not alone during the holidays. Credits: LAPD Officers Spread Christmas Cheer To 94-Year-Old WWII Veteran

I am very concerned about the veteran because at his age, there must be someone who will assist him in his daily chores.

For me, government must do something for elderly veterans that have no companions in life. Their service to our country is so noble that they are willing to risk their lives for our freedom.

Much more, the number of these WWII veterans are getting smaller and smaller as days come. We should make them feel that we are there in their last hours.